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Are Coupon Codes Needed For Free A Ecig ?

A lot of people have been emailing me asking if they can get a free coupon code to get one of these free ecig kits that we been talking about on our blog.  The number of people asking me about it has gotten out of hand.  So I am going to make it easy on myself because I am lazy.

You don’t need a coupon code to get a free e cig.  All you need to do is click on this link and go to the site and enter your mailing information.  They will charge you for the shipping and handling fee to send you the e cigarette but that is it.

And within a few days, your free ecigarette will get their and you will be well on your way to trying out your e cig.  Its that easy.

Free Electric Cigarette Pack

Getting a free electric cigarette pack these days is not hard to do.  All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling cost which is usually less than $10.00 depending on the method of shipping and how far you are from their location.

The nice thing is that you get more than just a electric cigarette pack.  You get a carrying case but more importantly you get 5 free nicotine cartridges and a wall and usb charger.  Below is a picture of the most popular free electric cigarette starter kit.


So all you have to do is give them your full name, where you live, a valid email address and your home telephone number.  You will also need to pay for the shipping and handling cost with a credit card.

If you like to get a free electronic cigarette you can click here.  The link will take you directly to their website so that you can get your free electric cigarette.

The nice thing about this particular vendor is that no coupon codes are required.  You can get a free electric cigarette starter kit at any time and tell as many people about as you like.

Hope you get a chance to try out their e cig for free.

Welcome Everyone!

You must be looking for coupon codes to get a free e cig.  Well you came to the right place.  We will tell you how to get a ecig free trial on one of the most popular e cigs on the market.